home_imgHi, I’m David McQuay, a web designer and developer from Maryland. With over 10 years of work experience and a well-rounded knowledge of all aspects of web design, I am an ideal candidate for your next web project or employment opportunity. What sets me apart from other people in the online marketing industry is an extreme attention to detail and pride in my work. I like to create websites that are both visually appealing and functional on every level, and will take the extra time to fix even the smallest bug or design issue.

My main focus is front end design, but I am also very skilled in web development. Both areas are interesting to me, and I like being self-sufficient enough to complete a website project from start to finish. I enjoy being challenged and solving problems related to code; it’s rewarding to find a solution that makes everyone happy with the final product.

Please take a few minutes to view my past work, and get in contact with me to talk about an upcoming web project or possible employment.